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Sparx EA Quickstart

This one day training course is designed to enable users to become proficient in the use of Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA) as quickly as possible. It focuses on the key features of EA how to get the most value from them when modelling software solutions.

This course is primarily aimed at Business Analysts and focuses on the use of EA for software requirements. It is intended for experienced practioners familiar with with modelling tools.

The course has also been tailored and delivered to Architects and Developers.

Course Overview

This is a course that covers the skills needed to become proficient in the use of EA. Participants for this course should be familiar with both UML and the use of tools to model diagrams.

The course is designed to quickly enable users to become confident and proficient in the use of the tool.

Key Outcomes

Sparx EA

Participants will learn the necessary skills to:

  • Configure Enterprise Architect for personal and project use.
  • Simple techniques for creating diagrams.
  • Determine which model elements should be re-used to ensure the integrity of all model content.
  • Leverage advanced features to get the most value from the tool and the information stored within the model repository.
  • Use the key features that allow you to manage versions and baselines as your repository evolves.
  • Unified Modelling Language

Unified Modelling Language

This course includes brief refreshers on the UML diagrams used during the course including:

  • Modelling Requirements and User Stories
  • Use Case Models
  • Class Diagrams
  • State Machines
  • Screen Mock-ups and Navigation flows

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Course Outline

This course consists of the following modules.

Getting Started

This module provides a brief introduction to Enterprise Architect and its main features. The workspaces, and its components, are explored in detail and students will configure the application for their personal use as a precursor to the modules that follow.

Core Skills

This module introduces participants to the basic skills required to set up repository structures and create diagrams in Enterprise Architect; participants will learn the different techniques for creating diagrams and model elements and the links between them.

Extending the Core Skills

Building on the basic skills, this module applies the re-use of model elements to leverage the value of the repository and the information stored within it. The module explores a range of additional features of Enterprise Architect to enhance its configuration and use in a project setting.

Model Management

Enterprise Architect includes a number of features to support the management of both the model repository as well as the elements within it. This module provides an overview of these features and includes managing change, issues, defects, versioning and base lining the model at various stages in the product or project lifecycle.

Printing & Publishing

Enterprise Architect provides a range of functionality to publish the information stored within the model; this module provides an introduction to templates and documentation options and enables students to create project documentation from the model they create; the scope for this module includes the creation of model "websites" publishing content to HTML.

Included within this module is a brief introduction to creating templates for report generation and the use of linked documents within the model.

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Fees and Deliverables

Course Deliverables

Participants in this course will receive:

  • One day of instructor led training and exercises
  • A 100 page Course Manual
  • Sample files from the course
  • Access to the online eLearning FAQ

Course Prerequisites

Course participants should be experienced in the use of modeling tools and have good working knowledge of the Unified Modelling Language.

The course includes brief reviews of UML notation for the different models and diagrams used during the course however this is not a course on UML.

Course Fees

Inquire now to learn more about this course and how it will help. Fees are available for:

  • Public course participation
  • Team Training. We specialize in onsite training and frequently tailor this course for project teams.

To learn more about this course please contact us.

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