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Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect by Sparx Systems is a modelling tool that integrates requirements management with other software development disciplines by creating requirements directly in the model and allowing these to be linked to behavioral or structural diagrams created by architects, analysts and developers.

Requirements Management

Requirements management is built into the core product, solving many of the issues of traceability, interdisciplinary team divisions, integration with change and configuration management systems.

Some of the features include:

  • The ability to create, view and manage requirements of any type (Functional / Non-functional, Business and System Rules, Use Cases, User Stories, etc) directly in the model.
  • The ability to detail use cases directly in the model.
  • The ability to readily model key views of functionality, data and navigation.
  • The ability to create screen mock-ups.
  • The ability to enter attributes for each requirement such as difficulty, status, and type.
  • The ability to manage and baseline versions, track and manage change.
  • The ability to implement a full traceability model from high level requirements to detailed requirements, architectural, analysis and test cases.
  • A full traceability matrix – allowing you to quickly view the impact of changes in requirements.
  • The ability to create publish quality documentation in MS Word or HTML using default or tailored templates. Documents can 'import' content from all parts of the model structure providing significant flexibility.

Project / Product Repositories

We have succesfully leveraged these key features to provide software project teams to capture all requirements and generate all required documentation from a single repository; this has enabled:

  • A common repository of requirements for software projects / products shared by the team ensuring visibility of all evolving requirements artefacts and supporting analysis and specification.
  • Implement a traceability strategy across key requirement types (System Features, Use Cases, Business and System Rules, and Non Functional Requirements). This ensures the implementation of required functionality, the identification of ‘extra’ requirements and ready impact assessments in the event of changing requirements.
  • Ensure that discrete requirements are specified once and ‘re-used’ in the appropriate requirements artefacts ensuring consistency and integrity across all requirements documentation.
  • Support the evolution of requirements through analysis, specification, approval and subsequent change management through requirements statuses and reporting.
  • The generation of requirements specifications through templates tailored to the project standards to ensure standards compliance and consistency of presentation for stakeholders.

Enterprise Architect for the whole team

Enterprise Architect is a fully UML compliant modelling tool and supports the modelling requirements of all members of the development team. Whether modelling business processes, requirements, component or network diagrams Enterprise Architect meets all needs and allows the re-use of model elements across diagrams allowing the repository to become a single source of truth.

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